Knife Skills (DVD)


It’s important to develop superior knife skills to be truly successful in the kitchen. By studying and mastering the techniques demonstrated in The Culinary Institute of America’s Knife Skills DVD, your staff will learn to reduce waste and cost while developing proper culinary skills.

View a Sample Video Clip / Total DVD run time: 2+ hrs.

From the basics of knife “know-how” to the intricate skill of meat fabrication, the Culinary Knife Knowledge DVD Series (Knife Care and Knife Skills) doesn’t miss a beat—and educating your staff in these areas ensures a strong return on your investment. With the indispensable knowledge of knife safety, care, and specialized skills, your kitchen staff is sure to increase productivity, confidence, and your bottom line.

This two-part series (Knife Care and Knife Skills) covers the gamut of knife skills, including choosing knives and using them with precision to minimize waste and maximize efficiency—learn specialized skills that are sure to increase productivity, confidence, and your bottom line.

Maximize profitability and yield through an increased knowledge of knife skills. Discover the fundamental techniques and money-saving procedures, including:

  • The Guiding Hand—learn the different holding styles
  • Vegetables Cuts—long, diced, shaped and decorative
  • Meat Fabrication—sirloin, tenderloin, pork butt, veal cutlets, leg of lamb, and rack of lamb
  • Fish Fabrication—roundfish, flatfish, and shellfish
  • Poultry Fabrication—knife usage, legs and wings, boneless breast, and pieces
  • Knife Care Review—sharpening, sanitation, and types of knives

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