Dry Heat Cooking Methods: Volume 1 (DVD)


There are various cooking methods that utilize a dry heat without oil or fat. The food is cooked either by a direct heat using a flame (broiling and grilling) or by and indirect heat from the oven (baking and roasting). These types of cooking methods result in an exterior with a delicious flavor and an interior that is delicate and moist.

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Learning the essentials is essential to your career. Gain the skills and techniques needed to compete in today’s culinary world-make yourself successful and your operation more successful.


Mastering grilling is important to your customers and to your bottom line. In this section, you will:

  • Discover proper selection and preparation of foods for the grill
  • Learn the techniques for grilling vegetables and meat
  • Examine handling requirements and cooking times for various items
  • Explore various menu options for this technique including Grilled Vegetables and Grilled Lamb Chops with Caramelized Garlic Sauce


Often the greatest culinary triumphs reflect the simplest concepts supported by a mastery of technique and attention to detail in execution. This section will:

  • Study the basics of broiling
  • Examine how to broil both delicate fish and hearty meat
  • Explore various ways to check for doneness
  • Learn the techniques for preparing Broiled Steak and Broiled Lemon Sole
  • Address the high heat of broiler rods


Despite the changes in professional cooking over the last decade, you still need a thorough understating of the basics. Within this section, you will:

  • Gain knowledge on the principles of roasting
  • Learn how to create sauces from pan drippings
  • Explore the importance of the resting period
  • Examine the proper techniques for preparing Roasted Chicken and Roast Beef au Jus


By deepening your understanding of this all-important cooking technique, you will enhance your overall skills. During this section you will:

  • Learn the basics of cooking proteins over extended periods of time
  • Examine the basics of baking savory items
  • Learn how to select foods for baking
  • Obtain tips on how to prepare your items prior to cooking
  • See savory menu items prepared—Baked Eggs with Ratatouille and Baked Salmon with a Smoked Salmon and Horseradish Crust

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