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Front-of-the-House and Management Training

The Culinary Institute of America's training goes beyond the kitchen our front-of-the-house and restaurant management textbooks will help you improve the productivity of your team. Whether it's costing, service, or even stocking the most appropriate wines, the decisions you make will ultimately separate your operation from the pack.

  • $35.00
    Culinary Math, 3rd Edition (Book)

    Culinary Math, 3rd Edition (Book)

    Used by culinary professionals and students around the country, Culinary Math presents proven step-by-step methods for understanding foodservice math and using it appropriately in the kitchen.
  • $61.95
    Guide to Purchasing (Book)

    Guide to Purchasing (Book)

    By combining real-life situations in food industry purchasing with candid explanations of situations they have encountered over the years, Thomas Schneller and Brad Matthews have written an invaluable reference. Their vast knowledge of procurement makes this text rich with detail describing not only how to buy ingredients, but also how to purchase or lease equipment.